Valentines Day – Sweet treats to share with your honey

There are some food items that I consider “Food of the Gods”(FOTG). I’m not even sure how it started but I have a list going in my head of foods that I consider in that category. Foods that rise to the level of deliciousness on their own that they need no accompaniment but can be even better in combination with something else.
So in honor of Valentines Day I want to share some of those foods. Honey and dates and almonds are foods that I think of as FOTG. And here’s a delicious and easy recipe that combines all three. Best of all it can be served either as an appetizer or dessert! Just take some dates and split them in half and take out the pit. Separate them so you have two pieces per date. Fill each cavity with cream cheese or goat cheese and make a little mound then press a raw unsalted almond into the cheese and drizzle honey over the top. You won’t believe till you taste it how rich and wonderful a combo this is! Now you just need something comfortable to lay back on while you feed your honey some honey with these fabulous little bites of heaven…
Other foods that I think of as FOTG are avocado and bread. The next recipe I learned from a friend after a late arrival in London many years ago and it was served as a midnight supper. I loved it so much I’ve been making it ever since. It’s basically an open face sandwich and they’re so easy to make. In this case I use dark rye bread and cut each piece of bread so I have 3 triangles. If I want to get fancy I cut off the crust, otherwise I don’t.
Then I spread a little sour cream or cream cheese over the bread and lay over that a piece of smoked salmon. On top of that goes sliced avocado and just before eating it I squeeze lemon over the top and add a bit of salt. Again – you won’t believe how good it is till you try it! Sometimes I serve this with caviar and all the trimmings or a luscious piece of Cambazola cheese and crackers. Olives, nuts and Champagne or wine (more FOTG), an aperitif or fun cocktail complete this light repast that leaves you feeling deliciously ready for all the OTHER things you want to do on Valentines Day!
The photo above is of the shortbread cookies that I made in honor of V-Day. The recipe for the cookies is on my holiday cookie blog. They also make a great V-Day dessert – especially chocolate dipped!